Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Foreign Affairs Magazine Series on Whether to Attack Iran

Foreign Affairs is probably the most serious of mainstream foreign policy magazines in the United States.  Published by the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, it provides articles on global issues and challenges from a wide variety of perspectives  Foreign Affairs has recently published a series of opinion pieces from a variety of perspectives on whether or not the United States should strike Iran to take out its nuclear program.  To read all of the articles you have to register with Foreign Affairs, but it is free and quick and will provide you an excellent overview of opinions on Iran from a variety of perspectives:

Time to Attack Iran

Not Time to Attack Iran

The Flawed Logic of Attacking Iran

What Happens After Israel Attacks Iran?

Much of the talk in the media is about whether Israel or the US should strike Iran.  The last article provides an excellent overview of what might happen AFTER an Israeli attack, which is somewhat of a different tact.  If you only have time to read one of these pieces, I found the last one most thought-provoking.

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